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Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to Log into Your …


Jul 29, 2020 · Although you can control the majority of server-level tasks using Plesk, there may be times when you need to remotely log into your Windows server. (If you have a Linux server, you’ll need to use SSH to remotely access your server.) Regular Windows computers have a keyboard, monitor, and mouse that allow you to interact with the machine.

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How to Use a Remote Desktop – Liquid Web


Apr 10, 2018 · A Remote Desktop Client made by Microsoft is available in the Apple App Store, the macOS store, Google Play, the Chrome Web Store for Chrome OS and of course in the Windows Store. On Linux, you may need to download a 3rd party option such as RDesktop or Free RDP which you can get through a repository or it will be pre-installed on some distro’s.

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 · Liquid Web marries exceptional customer support with a broad technology portfolio to deliver all the hosting power you will ever need to help realize your true potential. That’s why Liquid Web is the most loved managed hosting provider in the industry with a leading NPS score of 67.

How to Configure Remote Desktop to Transfer Files – Liquid Web


Nov 02, 2021 · Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is Microsoft’s proprietary protocol that provides a graphical interface for connecting to other servers or computers over a network connection. In addition, it gives the ability to redirect one server or workstation’s hard drive, making it appear once logged into another server or workstation.

Help Getting Back Into RDP | Liquid Web Knowledge Base


Mar 12, 2019 · Here is an example of what you will find at https://ip.liquidweb.com. While this particular example IP will not be the one that the customer or the System Administrator will see, (when visited on the local machine) the page will display the IP address that needs to be added to the rule for this RDP session to connect.

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 · Please Log Into Your Account to Continue. Username Password. Authentication Code

Remote Desktop Troubleshooting – Liquid Web

  • Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins
      • Firewall Issues. Best practices in configuring a firewall is to allow the least amount of access …
      • User Connectivity Problems. Can you connect to RDP using the administrator account, but …
      • No Available Connections/Sessions. By default, Windows server only allows two users to …
      • Data Encryption Errors. If you are using an out of date Remote Desktop Client or are …
      • Sudden Disconnection. If you are using RDP and suddenly lose the connection, the issue is …
      • Slow Connection Issues. If the connection between your location and your server is slow …
      • Windows 10 Update Issues. Oddly enough, Microsoft updates often cause problems with …
  • Changing Your RDP Password – Liquid Web


    Jul 15, 2020 · Changing your password regularly is a good security practice. This article will show you how to change your Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) administrator password. In order to change your password, you first need to log into your server via RDP. If you do not know your RDP administrator password, contact our Helpful Humans support team to retrieve your …

    Using Google Accounts in Manage Portal – Liquid Web


    Jul 29, 2020 · Liquid Web has added the ability to use your Google account as an SSO login provider to help simplify your experience in the manage.liquidweb.com portal. You can link a Google account to your Liquid Web account when you first set up an account with us or you can use the User Profile Management feature to add a Google account to an existing user …

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