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ClassGlobe580.com – Build your own MINI and race around …


After 4000 miles sailing Trekka, Don’s introduction 2nd video of 5 covering all tech. aspects of the Class Globe 5.80…. Number 2 ???? #CG580 Here is the link to our amazing dodger manufactures who have a system available to supply any …

ClassGlobe580.com – Build your own MINI and race around …


A moment in time , a moment in history, the podium finishers of the First ever Globe 580 Transat – Don arriving at the dock , Etienne pops his cork early , Michal just wake up recovering from big party finished 2 hours before wondering why …

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  • The ClassGlobe 5.80 Association is supported and underwritten by McIntyre Adventure and is owned and managed by the Australia company Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd (represented by Don McIntyre).

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    Aug 14, 2020 · Grundsätzliches – worum geht es hier eigentlich. Die classglobe 5.80 ist eine neue Bootsklasse, die im Frühjahr 2020 von Don McIntyre gegründet und von Janusz Maderski designed wurde. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Knickspanter. Sperrholzkonstruktion mit Epoxyfinish. Länge 5,80 m, Breite 2,27 m, Tiefgang 1,40 m, Gewicht 700 kg …

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    All final dates, times and courses are yet to be confirmed by the Official Notice of Race for each event. BEFORE you Enter Transats, Skipper Min 18yo. or parent’s consent, Minimum 750 Ocean Miles sailing any yacht. Before the start, Minimum 1,500 miles ocean sailing any yacht and a Solo-non stop 500 mile voyage in the entered Globe 5.80 under …

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    ALL DETAILS ON THE MINI GLOBE RACE 2024 WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN NOV. 2020. Each LEG has a Group Start line and a Finish line/port. During that leg, if there is a four-day pitstop at an island, you make your way to that designated island pit stop area as fast as you can and tie up or anchor. When you tie up, or anchor, the four-day clock starts.

    Sailboats – Class Globe 5.80 Kit – B&B Yacht Designs


    B&B is a proud partner of the Class Globe 5.80 organization and is the designer of the KIT for the Globe 5.80 sailboat designed by Janusz Maderski for the Globe 5.80 one design class. Read all about the class on their website classglobe580.com. Here are some pictures from the first kit produced in the USA which was Hull #30.

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    All is laminated wet–in-wet for a superior bonding. Après avoir stratifié les lignes de jonction, la coque entière est couverte de tissu de verre de 280 g/m2.(200 g/m2 est suffisant pour une coque en CP d’acajou). Tout est stratifié mouillé-sur-mouillé pour un collage de qualité supérieure.

    Class Globe 580 – Denman Marine


    The ClassGlobe 5.80 is a mini class yacht designed for fast, efficient trans-ocean voyages. The first ClassGlobe 5.80 Transat Race was completed in December 2021, see the Globe580Transat facebook page for details.. For those who are serious about joining the ClassGlobe 5.80 family, the first step is to BUY the Globe 5.80 Plans via the classglobe580 website to get your hull …

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    Class Globe 5.80. March 2, 2020 ·. Build your own MINI and Race around the World, or the bay! McIntyre Adventure, organizer of the Solo 2018 Golden Globe Race and the fully crewed 2023 Ocean Globe Race , will soon announce plans to establish an exciting new International One Design Class of plywood, Mini 5.80-meter yachts.

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