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Core Coaches – The Core Coaches

The Core Coaches bring you the most in-depth reading, and writing lesson plans. See why we average 4.9 rating on our products! Learn more!

Student Accountability in the Classroom –

To maintain ownership though, students must be held accountable. An effective way to hold students accountable and maintain a student centered classroom is through self-assessments. Self-assessments help students reflect on their behavior and learning. They also reinforce their ownership in the classroom.

Student Accountability – The Core Coaches

You’ll love our Student Accountability blog articles. We outline our step by step process to help teachers find inspiration. Read Student Accountability articles.

Online Classroom Management –

A possible online routine for a Digital Learning Quest may look like this: 1) Login to your computer & plug in your headphones. 2) Open the learning quest in your Google folder. 3) Make a Copy of the learning quest & add your last name to the title. 4) Pause at the end of every slide to review your work. 5) Upload your completed assignment.

Student-Led Assessment & Accountability – The Core Coaches

We strongly believe students learn best when they take ownership of their learning. All three of these resources will help you implement student-led assessment and accountability for your classroom management process.. All of the resources included in this AMAZING, GAME-CHANGING bundle come in a printable or digital format.


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Software that makes your coaching better. – CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable is coaching software designed to make any style of coaching better. Manage your coaching business with online billing, scheduling, task management, file sharing, online forms and worksheets, session notes, and more.

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