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Winthrop Rockefeller, father of Bill Clinton?? Rockefeller …

Nov 19, 2008 · But after seeing Winthrops photos, many of them, there is no doubt in my mind Clinton is definitely a Rockefeller. It explains a lot. Our research has shown that the legit children of illum families got to Yale, Princeton and other Ivy …

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Jan 10, 2021 · Yes, Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller. His dad is Winthrop Rockefeller. What you got with Clinton was a story; another false narrative for you to believe. They told us William Blythe was his father but it’s more fake news. You wouldn’t elect him to office as a Rockefeller, so they had to give him a different name.


The person now known as Bill Clinton: his maternal grandmother, believed to be quite a beauty, and reportedly having some link to British royalty, had a great love affair with Winthrop Rockefeller. Hence, Bill Clinton is apparently the illegitimate great grandson of …

Bill Clinton Is The Son of Arkansas Governor Winthrop ……/billclinton-is-the…rockefeller

Aug 03, 2021 · On August 19, 1946 – William Jefferson Clinton was born. The Elite really take advantage of their illegitimate sons. Here is a kid with a completely different, and non threatening NAME. The name ROCKEFELLER quickly raises the hackles of many, many Americans. But the name CLINTON has a nice, soft, American sound to it.

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It is said that Winthrop Rockefeller was a strong relationship with Bill Clinton as to determination of whether they are actually more than family friends, is still unproven but it’s said they are and his name is actually different than a Clinton as if it was William Clinton Rockefeller, but again that’s still theory, there are some proven articles but all of them seem to be more of a friendship of …

Bill Clinton is the Son of Nelson Rockefeller – YouTube

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